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Please join the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce on May 18th, 2024 for the return of their highly popular Handbag Bingo Fundraising Event!

Tickets are just $30 this year, while supplies last!


Proceeds benefit the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce(501c6 Charitable Membership Organization) and their matching grant programs, tourism efforts, radio advertisements and promotion for the all member businesses.

All these efforts help the Town as a whole, to bring people into the area for the entire Summer Season and also at Christmas! Hancock Partners, and the Hancock Area Chamber of Commerce brought more than 15k people into the village and town square from April thru December 2023, and the new Town EV Chargers brought in an additional 12.5k people who spent $332k at local businesses, during the 2023 calendar year. Help us keep the momentum this year!

  • Date: May 18th, 2024

  • Time: 4PM till all games and prizes are exhausted

  • Location: Northern Wayne Fire Hall - 1663 Crosstown Hwy, Lakewood PA 18439

Ticket Price includes admission & also includes 1 x Bingo Card Pack of 10 Games. You may buy 1 additional booklet, if we have enough prizes and booklets, possibly two extra booklets at $20 each for 10 games.

  • Each Games has Two Prizes: 1 Handbag & 1 Gift Basket

  • Bingo Winner Picks One, other kicks to a Raffle, Doorprize, or Covers Double Bingo

To understand why we need your financial support visit or download our NEW and EXCITING Hancock NY APP at the links below, which allows us to update the entire town, village and region at one time with one voice across the whole community in partnership with the Town of Hancock, Hancock Partners, and soon the Hancock Central School!

These programs and amazing technology that allow us to keep the public informed, along with Maps, Brochures, Digital Advertisements, Radio Advertisements, cost in excess of $5k each year, and this year we didn't get as much grant money as we had hoped and need your help to keep the programs going strong!

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