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Supporting Local Artist Laura McManus’s Project "Four Seasons Along the Delaware"

Hancock, New York – [December 11, 2023] – Hancock Partners is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a prestigious New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Support for Artists Grant for the year 2024. This grant has been awarded to support the creative endeavors of local artist Laura McManus, owner of The Camptons Gallery, and will be used to fund her ambitious project titled "Four Seasons Along the Delaware."

The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) has recognized the artistic excellence and potential impact of Laura McManus's work, and Hancock Partners sponsored this grant, enabling McManus to bring her artistic vision to life. "Four Seasons Along the Delaware" is an in-depth exploration of the Delaware River, which takes its form in Hancock, New York, and the way this scenic vista comes to life across all four seasons in the Great Western Catskills. This project marks a significant milestone in Laura McManus's artistic journey. As a resident and artist in the Village of Hancock, McManus's paintings have drawn both the local community and tourists to witness her work, aligning seamlessly with Hancock Partners's mission for community development and the support of arts and culture.

"I’m very grateful to have been a recipient of this NYSCA grant and cannot wait to get started on the project." said Laura McManus, Co-Owner of The Camptons Gallery. McManus's plan for this series includes producing two horizontal and two vertical paintings, each measuring 8 feet by 10 feet or larger. Each painting will capture the unique qualities unveiled by the subtle and dynamic changes that occur across the seasons along the Delaware River in Hancock, NY. The monumental size of this new series is expected to generate significant excitement among the public. This experience will not only provide viewers with the opportunity to appreciate McManus's artistry but also encourage them to reconnect with their natural surroundings, fostering a greater awareness of environmental changes in their daily lives.

Through its continued investment in arts and culture, NYSCA has allocated over $80 million in grants since Spring 2023, supporting more than 1,500 artists and organizations throughout the state. 

"We are fortunate to have such incredible artists living here in Hancock," said Richard Lowe, Director of Economic Development for Hancock Partners. "Especially our first NYSCA recipient, Laura McManus, who brings so much vibrancy to our village community."

Governor Kathy Hochul said, “Research confirms what we’ve always known here in New York: arts and culture are a powerhouse, with a staggering return on investment for our economy and our communities. Nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences generated $151.7 billion in economic activity nationwide in 2022 and New York’s unparalleled arts and culture sector is leading the way to benefit our residents, our students and our visitors every day. I commend these grantees on their achievements and look forward to their contributions in the coming year."

NYSCA Chair Katherine Nicholls added, “Thanks to the unwavering support of Governor Hochul and our Legislature, NYSCA is so proud to support the work of organizations and artists from all across New York. Spanning the entire breadth of the arts and culture sector – from world-renowned performers to after-school programs, from long established museums to community arts collectives – these organizations and artists together are a powerful driver of health, tourism, economy and education for our residents and visitors. On behalf of Council and staff, congratulations to Laura Mcmanus and thank you for your perseverance, your creativity and your tireless service to New York State.”

About the New York State Council on the Arts

The New York State Council on the Arts is committed to fostering and advancing the full breadth of New York State’s arts, culture, and creativity for all. In FY 2024, the Council on the Arts will award $127 million to support the ongoing recovery of the arts across New York State.

About Hancock Partners

Hancock Partners, Inc. is a leading 501c3 organization in Hancock, New York, dedicated to economic development, community programming and support for the arts. Over the last twenty years Hancock Partners has helped to bring in millions of dollars in economic development through public-private partnerships, grants, and support from non profit foundations benefiting the entire community.

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About Laura McManus

Laura McManus is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Her work combines color, form, texture, music, line, and movement. Her art is found in corporate, private, and public collections worldwide. McManus is the owner of The Camptons gallery in Hancock, NY, and her work is also represented in the British Virgin Islands.

For more information on Laura McManus, please visit: www.thecamptons.com and follow via Instagram @thecamptons.

Laura McManus Media Contact:

Laura & Jim McManus - Co-Owners - The Camptons Gallery

158 E Front St, Hancock, NY 13783 - laura@thecamptons.com - (607) 637-4120

Hancock Partners Media Contact:

Richard H. Lowe, III - Director of Economic Development - Hancock Partners, Inc. 501c3

Po Box 795 Hancock, NY 13783 - director@hancockpartners.org

(931) 581-4132

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