holiday ice rink

Hancock's Holiday Ice Rink returns to the Town Square on December 16th, but locals noticed it going up a bit early due to colder weather than usual we need to fill it before it gets too cold to do so! This year a winter village of Penguins is being constructed around the rink with a zip lining penguin and special lights for the children and families to enjoy while they skate.  To help fund the rink simply donate here:

According to the Hancock Historical Society’s 1998 Centennial Book, a place called “The Rink” was located in the general vicinity of the Malcolm Henderson home. E.W. Griffis built a skating rink on the lot adjoining Dr.Pettingill’s barn, which currently sits behind NBT Bank, but it once sat where the bank is located now It was later turned 180 degrees and placed behind the NBT.  In September 1887, “a grand hop at The Rink to benefit the Park” was held – “good music and a right good time.”

Admission was only 10 cents and tickets for hop were just 50 cents. In 1889 and 1890 the “Hancock Dramatists” held their plays at the “Rink Opera House.” In 1890 the Hancock Union and Academy Graduation was held at Hancock Rink. It appears the activity being held somewhat determined what the place was called. The mystery of “The Rink” is that none of the “old-timers” have recollection of seeing or hearing of it and no further information has been found. 

Hancock Partners rebuilt “The Rink” in winter 2022 in the Hancock Town Square at 20 E Main Street, almost exactly where it was built 130 years ago. When planning this new program, the committee had no knowledge of this history, and only recently learned about its original size and location. The modern design of 25′ x 50′ rink is a near match to the original size. As we look towards our future we must first celebrate and honor our past.

In recent years it has become more apparent than ever that we, as Americans, need to come together during these turbulent times and celebrate our families and neighbors. Hancock as a town, and as a village, is historically documented through Delaware County and The National Archives as having been named to honor John Hancock following his death in 1793. America’s famed founding-father, John Hancock, was known as the Prince of Merchants, and indeed the Hancock House Hotel  itself was named after his great family estate in Boston. 

So to celebrate our shared history we are looking to partner with Hallmark Movies Televisions Channel to sponsor the rink and possibly film during the 2023 holidays and winter months of 2024. This incredible opportunity would help promote the town with numerous press publications and regional features. The rink itself is cost effective, reusable and portable. Thankfully the portable rink can be set up within a few hours with just 2-3 people, however,  there are maintenance costs such as: resurfacing, security, staffing/training, skates purchase costs, marketing, decor and signage to be considered.  

So we need your continued help to fund the costs associated with hosting the ice rink and fitting out the Town Square to accommodate and allow for it most easily and to ensure it’s annual success for the next decade. Donate here:

The rink officially opens* December 16th, 2023. The rink will run until the weather turns or funding runs short to operate it.

BRING YOUR OWN SKATES Free for Children $5 for Adults

*Rink open to public is based on weather, which assumes cold enough to freeze.

Rink Rules

Donate $250+ & Get a Free Banner Sign on the Ice Rink


Winning GRANT Application - Delaware County

Hancock Partners is proud to have been awarded a $5k matching grant from Delaware County's Economic Development office for Tourism Promotion & Development. This grant will be used as written.